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The Darling's general manager Drew Schlesinger says he took a very personal approach when choosing the beds for the hotel. "I believe that the comfort of the sleep is the key element of a hotel stay, and you cannot afford to have any element of error," he says. In his search for the perfect night's sleep for his guests, Schlesinger tried out several mattresses. "I slept on eight mattress types altogether, and the final one we selected, which is unique to The Darling, is a combination of features from many of them." Schlesinger says positive guest comments have been plentiful and many visitors to the hotel have purchased the beds.

- Theage.com.au "Traveller" - December 28, 2012

Since Jupiters Townsville introduced Comfort Sleep beds to all 194 of our hotel rooms, the positive customer feedback we have received has been tremendous, with superlatives such as 'great sleep' and 'very comfortable' being representative of the feedback. One of the biggest challenges for any accommodation provider is having beds that enable a good night's sleep for our guests - I sleep comfortably at night knowing that the beds that Comfort Sleep have supplied are giving our guests a great night’s sleep and generating tremendous advocacy for our hotel.

- Sean Knights, Managing Director, Jupiters Townsville

At Hokkaido Tracks Development we have used Comfort Sleep beds in our apartment and house projects for over 8 years in over 180 properties. Whether it be specifying products tailored to meet our needs, or providing large quantity orders Comfort Sleep has provided great customer support and service with a fantastic quality of product for our business and clients. We look forward to working with Comfort Sleep for all of our future bedding needs.

- Simon Robinson is President of Hokkaido Tracks, Japan